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About Me


“The harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph.” – Thomas Paine

My name is Mario Peterson, a 20-year-old individual trying to find himself– Is what I would write if I didn’t have anything to say about myself.  Luckily, for you (but mostly me), there’s more.

I grew up in East Moline, a small town in Illinois along the Mississippi River in the USA. And no, I’m not another Tom Sawyer.  As a child, I learned to appreciate life no matter how tough it got, to always remain optimistic in situations of severe gloom and to have satisfaction for what my country has given me.  My endearment for this nation led me to sign up for the active duty military at the age of 17.  Upon graduation of high school, I left home to serve my country in the best Air Force in the world while attending college part-time to major in business.

I have served in Arizona, where I originally entered the world in 1995.  Now, I’m in South Korea.

 My love for writing has prompted me to create a blog; but more importantly, the exposure to different places other than home.

I aspire to document the junctures of my story and thoughts about the world to, well… THE WORLD!  As I am continuously challenged with aspects of life, I aim to share my stories of triumph to inspire others to do the same.


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